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shiaddicts's Journal

thank god for the beef
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if you read the ew article you will realize that shia is a pretty crude seventeen year old boy. so if you want the disney family friendly version of shia, this lj community may not be for you. he is a self-proclaimed chubby little a--hole. that's why we love him.

just a few things that make shia

*named after his grandfather who is also a comedian.
*enjoys making independent short films with his friends.
*celebrates both Christmas and Hannuka.
*attends the prestigious Hamilton Academy of Music, in Los Angeles, California.
*graduated school. in the fall (2003) he is planning on going to
, preferably Yale.

most importantly: we are here to have fun and be united in our love for shia. please feel free to make introductions! let us know you're out there.

your source for all things shia
and first there was...shia_fans. you can never have enough shia leboof!

your lovely maintainer boomvixen